Your guide to finding IT Services in Auckland, New Zealand

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Remote Support

The idea of remote support sounds good for business – but there are some disadvantages to it too. So look for a service plan that also includes onsite support built-in. If you have to pay extra hourly fees for onsite support you’re not really paying for a full IT support package. If onsite support isn’t […]


There are many IT Services companies that will offer discounted services, but if you’re looking for the best results look for a true partnershiop arrangement. To find out what that might look like it’s best to talk to their customers. Only they can tell what it’s really like to be a customer – whether than […]

Break Fix or Proactive Support?

Most IT Services providers will provide Break Fix services and many will also provide some form of Proactive services too. It’s the a proactive arrangement that’s most important if your business relies on Information Technology to continue operation. It’s also essential if you wish to make better use of IT in the organisation. If a […]